Our Process//

At Baron Cutlery our dedication to quality means that we try and keep as much of our process in-house as possible. From heat-treat to wood stabilization to beveling to assembly, the more control we can have, the better product we can produce. We still use outside services and material providers to supplement  our work, this way we can produce a wider variety of products and source materials we may not be able to produce ourselves. This gives us a lot of flexibility in our design, lead times, and freedom to explore new ideas. 


Since our background is cutlery steel, you can be rest assured we only use the highest quality alloys in our builds. Our standard culinary steels include 52100, W-2, AEB-L and Nitro-V. See the Our Materials page for more information on these steels and our handle materials. 

We have a few of our processes listed below and will be adding to this page as we can. 

Wood Burl Ready For Stabilizing
While we use synthetic handle materials in many builds, we are the most proud of our locally sourced wood burl. We dry and stabilize all our wood burl in-house. This gives us a lot of control when it comes to dyeing the burl and achieving highly custom colors.
Handle Shaping
We use our 2" x 72" grinders for a lot of different tasks, including handle shaping. Every blade that we produce is first shaped on these machines then hand finished later on.
Hand Rubbed Finishes
For our higher-end cutlery and by request on custom builds, we take the time to do a hand rubbed finish. It takes time and patience, but we think the results are worth it.
Flat and Convex Grinds
Depending on the task, we are able to do a variety of grinds by hand. From full height flat grinds, to convex grinds, to hollows, we match the grind to the task.
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